Condominium Association

Sun Beach Club

Helpful Information for Sun Beach Club Homeowners

While much of what Sun Beach Club homeowners need to know regarding rules and regulations is covered in the Official Sun Beach Club Q&A Document available to all owners in the office or online, this quick reference guide is intended to fill in the gaps for owners who ask various questions regarding the care and management of their unit.


Humidistat - It is recommended that all units have a humidistat installed in place of the traditional thermostat. Here in sub-tropical Florida, more damage occurs to your unit because of humidity than from heat. Therefore, installation of a humidistat to control usage of your air-conditioner is a good idea. Monthly utility costs will probably decrease as a result. If you do not have a humidistat, set your AC thermostat to 80 degrees cool. Please make sure that your condo unit is inspected regularly. Your AC units' thermostat or humidistat might be kicked off by a power surge or outage.

Heating and Cooling

Air-Conditioner Maintenance - The filter should be changed every sixty (60) days. Replacements may be purchased at Coronado Hardware or Home Depot. Check the existing filter for its size. Have a spare or two on hand. Your air-conditioner can be cleaned and serviced by the local and trusted companies like Advanced Heating & Air or Climatron. Numbers may be found at the end of this handout.                                       


It is recommended that the fireplace never be used for a fire using real logs. However, some owners are willing to risk a creosote buildup in the flue which may cause a fire. In those cases, ONLY a store-bought Duraflame log may be used.

Washer and Dryer                                                                           

Your washer or dryer should not be left running in your absence and of course, you should never run your washer or dryer during quiet hours. Dryer vents should be cleaned and (cleared) yearly. You may attempt to do this with a vacuum cleaner, or have it done professionally by a service called Chuck’s Ducts. Please see telephone number on the last page.

Garbage Disposals                                                                     

Disposals should never be run during quiet hours. Disposals should be cleaned out regularly. You can eliminate odors from your disposal by adding vinegar, baking soda, or some slices of lemon, lime, or orange, cold water, and running the disposal for a minute.

During your Absence                                                                         

You MUST designate a person to be responsible in your absence to check your unit twice per month for problems and provide for prompt resolution to problems as they arise. Inform the office of the person(s) you have designated to regularly check your unit, along with their contact information.

Seek help for miscellaneous issues by visiting or calling an appropriate business number listed below, or ask one of your neighbors. You’ll find that having friendly, helpful neighbors is one of Sun Beach Club’s greatest assets.

Vendor Phone Numbers
Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning ___ 386-427-1665                                       

Brighthouse Cable ___ 386-760-9950                                

Chuck’s Ducts ___ 386-212-1895                                    

Climatron Heating & Air Conditioning ___ 386-257-5758                              

Coleman Plumbing ___ 386-428-1838                             

Coronado Hardware ___ 386-427-0746                                  

Home Depot ___ 386-423-3250                                              

Jerry’s Appliance Repair ___ 386-295-0385

NSB Post Office ___ 386-427-1961